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What Kind of Shingle Should I Use for My Roof?

Working Roofing ContractorRoof shingles come in various configurations and designs to meet the need of architects and homeowners that are searching for a durable roof, which also accents the structure it was installed on. Depending on the style of the house, one type of shingle may be more suitable than another and roofers will work with clients in order to reach a decision on the shingles together because that is another thing that roofing services are very beneficial for. Whether a roof is on a new home or is getting a roof repair job on it, roofing shingles can be used to add to the value and appearance of a property.

The most commonly used roofing shingles are composition ones, these are made with a fiberglass base and asphalt, that is studded with bit of colored minerals. In some cases, the base can be made using natural materials, and if you are worried about fiberglass, speak to your roofing contractor. Composition shingles are very popular with homeowners and roofers due to the fact that they are much cheaper than other types, are water and fire resistant, and come in various colors. Common color variations are grey, green, blue, brown, and black, they are able to be coordinated with a home or to blend the roof in with other neighbouring ones, to create a more even look.

Natural materials can also be used to create roof shingles. The most common choices are cedar and slate. With both, the natural material chosen has to be carefully milled and cut, and need more work in order to successfully install them. Slate and cedar roofs give a more refined look than composition ones; however, the difficulty with these is shown in the price. These types of shingles though do come with distinct advantages, as both are insect resistant, as well as slate and fire resistant. Slate is less likely to give way beneath the pressure of heavy snow, mostly due to the more stable roof support system which is needed for this type of material. Cedar and slate are extremely durable, beautiful, and last much longer than composition materials.